About Us

Camelia is an Associate Instructor with American Bowen Academy there for an NCBTMB, AOTA and Board of Nursing approved continuing education provider. She will become a Full Instructor in 2016.

Ms. Tamasanu possesses extensive clinical experience and training in a number of mind-body techniques (more than 10 years hands-on practice) focused on injury treatment and pain management

In addition to that, Ms. Tamasanu has a bachelor degree in commerce and she just completed physical therapy pre-requisites at Wayne State University and she got her second bachelor degree BS this winter, 2015. Also, she was admitted into the DPT program that will start next summer, June 2016.

Camelia is also an NIH award student. She received a fellowship for CAM Practitioner Research Experience and she is working as RA at Osteopathic Research Department MSU – Lansing. She envisions being a part of a multi-disciplinary research team bridging the knowledge gap between CAM therapies and conventional medicine. She is passionate about understanding how and why Bowenwork technique is effective and teaching the work so more people can experience its benefits.

Camelia discovered Bowen Technique several years ago when she was suffering from a double herniated disc that caused severe pain and a distorted posture that made it impossible to stand up straight. Doctors wanted to perform surgery to correct the problem and told her she would be paralyzed if she did not have surgery. Her intuition sent her to a specialist who assured her she would not need surgery if she faithfully participated in Bowen therapy sessions. When her pain ceased, her posture improved and she was able to walk straight in an upright position again, Camelia embraced Bowenwork. She credited it with saving her quality of life and is 100% convinced that it a therapy that could help many others.

Our company is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.


Wellness Massage

practice focuses on stress management, client education, and health maintenance Primary wellness techniques:

Swedish, Deep Tissue, Table Shiatsu.

 60min: $75-

Medical Massage

practice focuses on injury treatment, pain management, and other medically indicated massage. Primary medical techniques are: deep tissue Massage, neuromuscular "Trigger Point" technique, Chi Nei Tsang, Chinese Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Reflexology, lymphatic drainage, Tibetan Massage.

$75 - $155 per session


practice which can assist recovery from many condition:

- Traumatic injuries,

- Overuse injuries,

- High/low blood pressure,

- Stress reaction,

- Arthritic pain,

- Fatigue,

- Fluid retention,

- Ear/throat problems,

- TMJ problems,

- Insomnia,

- Depression,

- Stroke recovery,

- CP


- Developmental delay,

- Headache,

- Tinnitus,

- Neck Pain,

- Frozen Shoulder,

- Tennis Elbow,

- Fertility Problems,

- Carpal Tunnel Syndrome,

- Tight Hamstrings,

- Shin Splint,

- Ankle Sprains,

- Bunions,

- Migraine,

- Hay Fever,

- Asthma,

- Back pain,

- Digestive problems,

- Groin pain,

- Knee pain,

- Hammer Toes

$75 per session

Thursday we do free consultation offering special programs available for those suffering from chronic conditions.

Auto insurance accepted.

Work comp. accepted